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  1. Photo of Jean Giraud

    Jean Giraud Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Geoffrey Niquet

    Geoffrey Niquet Director

  3. Photo of Gianluca Matarrese

    Gianluca Matarrese Voice

  4. Photo of Claire Tran

    Claire Tran Voice

  5. Photo of Chris White

    Chris White Music

  6. Photo of Pierre Buffin

    Pierre Buffin Producer

  7. Photo of Isabelle Giraud

    Isabelle Giraud Producer

  8. Photo of India Osburne

    India Osburne Producer

  9. Photo of Jérôme Pesnel

    Jérôme Pesnel Editing

  10. Photo of Sébastien Prangère

    Sébastien Prangère Editing

  11. Photo of Nicolas Becker

    Nicolas Becker Sound

  12. Photo of Alexis Place

    Alexis Place Sound

  13. Photo of Gregory Ginsburger

    Gregory Ginsburger Animation

  14. Photo of Yoel Gondo

    Yoel Gondo Animation

  15. Photo of Nicolas Maillard

    Nicolas Maillard Animation

  16. Photo of David Verbeke

    David Verbeke Animation

  17. Photo of Raphael Zito

    Raphael Zito Animation