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  1. David R Williams's rating of the film Another Year

  2. ujjwal's rating of the film Another Year

    This film is epic. The formally strict way with which Shengze is doing the film has not made her a detached distant observer. On the contrary, she has been able to achieve this very calm, gentle, yet intimate gaZe. She also doesn't try to invisibilise the camera - which is great. Hats off.

  3. Richard's rating of the film Another Year

    Proves that we, as a human race, are more alike than different. Just difficult to watch, perhaps a reflection?

  4. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Another Year

    Fascinating 13-part look at a Chinese family, month by month. Each month being shot from a different camera angle inside their home. Each segment set around a meal in the family's life. Static camera gives us a complete voyeur look into each scene. No judgement or commentary, just viewing the events that take place. Kind of fascinating. Too long by far, but still really intriguing.

  5. Timbo of Boston's rating of the film Another Year

    A pretty cool idea for a movie - watch, observe and live with these people. It's almost like a museum piece. It is beautiful to look at and a true slice of life. Kudos to the filmmakers who recognize there are myriad ways to make a film. It is an antidote to the manipulations of global commerical cinema for sure, but can be challenging. Patiently voyeuristic - it can be watched over a period of time, I think,

  6. Julian Hernandez's rating of the film Another Year

  7. Grace Lilly's rating of the film Another Year

  8. Rice Dream Girl's rating of the film Another Year

    Visually excellent, but too often dull or frustrating.

  9. Jefferson Yahom's rating of the film Another Year

    A little too real lmao Good movie though Slow cinema is dope, I feel like there was only like 13 cuts in this entire movie.

  10. Nacnud Schmalz's rating of the film Another Year

    Glad I was able to watch this in my own home periodically over several days, and not all at once in a theater (which might have been difficult). I read another reviewer compare to Vermeer, and agree. Am curious to know how the filming was arranged with the family? - and how it affected them? Fascinated by their situation/patience. This film will stick in my mind for years, pretty sure.

  11. Tim R.'s rating of the film Another Year

    I'm not done with this. I keep stopping and coming back. It's kind of fucking killing me. I think there's a sort of durational passthrough or transport into the being of the family, which maybe is that epic moment. The grandmother is a kind of "without which there is nothing."

  12. Laura Suffield's rating of the film Another Year

    It's like watching paint dry, but I love China, including the food so I'm even prepared to watch people eating their supper while watching tv. Literally, that's all that happens, at least for the first hour. I have to admit I gave up at that point.

  13. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Another Year

    4.5. Forse esagero ma mi ha coinvolto molto.

  14. nuno q's rating of the film Another Year

    It's as if nowadays we're not used anymore for a movie to actually take its time. For the first hour or so, it seems to be going nowhere. By the end of it, however, a year had passed, and I was totally captivated by the lives I'd watched and all the small things implicit, left unsaid in this family.