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  1. blkrchs's rating of the film Another Year

  2. AALC's rating of the film Another Year

    Film about life. Loved it!

  3. Diderot's rating of the film Another Year

    A painfully tender movie about friendship, happiness, and the quiet, unrelenting terror of existence. As always in a Mike Leigh movie, the performances and the characters are exquisite.

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film Another Year

    Une oeuvre britannique d'une grande qualité humaine, scandaleusement oubliée au dernier Festival de Cannes, qui, outre une exceptionnelle prestation de l'ensemble des acteurs, véhicule dans son propos, une réelle densité émotionnelle faisant la part belle à l'empathie et la compassion qui sont de plus en plus absentes de la plupart de nos comportements. Beau et triste comme un mirage persistant...

  5. Kaj's rating of the film Another Year

    Time leaves many things in its wake.

  6. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film Another Year

    Would you really like to have Tom & Gerri as your friends? No. Would you like to have Ken & Mary as your friends? No, no. Would you like to have Joe & Ronnie as your son & brother? Nooo. Well, this says it all. Apart from that this is about loneliness, unhappiness and how to screw up your personal life nowadays. Very good cast. The fact that all characters are so unsymphatic it spoils the film.

  7. Silvoieski's rating of the film Another Year

    Great actors, great performances. But the story was so normal, so real, so boring.

  8. Ilona Buffet's rating of the film Another Year

    Omg Mary you so annoying. Great acting!

  9. BernardoDiniz's rating of the film Another Year

  10.'s rating of the film Another Year

    (...)Leigh bevorzugt unkonventionelle Typen, die wir lieben können, mit denen wir uns identifizieren möchten. Vor allem damit hat er das britische Kino geprägt. Gibt es nicht viel zu viele Filme, mit Figuren, die keine Persönlichkeit haben, stattdessen nur bestimmte Eigenschaften? Hier sehen wir Menschen, die allzu menschlich sind. (Dazu gibts unsere Film List mit den witzigsten britischen Komödien auf

  11. güneycan's rating of the film Another Year

    Simple people, familiar stories. Put together and you have the depth of tragedy, lightness of friendship, contrasts of personal borders. Basically everything that makes life complex and rich of human landscapes. The director does an amazing job by leaving you just enough space for your own narrative. One of those movies where a well balanced ambiguity in meaning should be cherished rather than criticised.

  12. André Pereira's rating of the film Another Year

  13. ebabehh's rating of the film Another Year

    Underneath the platitudes, so much awkward tension and judgment. Feels less improvised than his other films, but that's because the central couple impose such order onto life. This'll kick into gear the pragmatic part of the brain.

  14. ajdehany's rating of the film Another Year

    Masterful. A subtle state-of-the-nation essay on happiness and well-being, crucially relevant in our ageing society. The ambiguity about Gerri & Tom's well-intentioned contientiousness balanced against enabling smugness & even callousness is unresolvable, like the paradox of generosity. The portraits of their friends are less subtle but are compelling. It's a warm film but bleak too. A lot to think about.

  15. Cichlisuite's rating of the film Another Year

    3.5 Not Leigh's best for me - though strong in parts it felt a little staged in a few places. It's a low key, rrather sad tale of loneliness anchored by an apparently very well adjusted couple who do what they can to help their troubled friends.

  16. ofNatalie LA's rating of the film Another Year

    I'm only young, but I've already been patronised/welcomed into the nurturing yet detached, humble yet complacent bosom of the acceptable face of the nuclear family as young couples play at this. An excellent illustration of the way Brits are so distant. Lesley Manville was mesmerising.

  17. huitzi's rating of the film Another Year

    A film that sounds true. We all know some of these couple who thinks they've made it feeding themselves off other people's misery. Painfully slow though.

  18. Tytus's rating of the film Another Year

    A deft portrayal of everyday people navigating family life and friendships. Including poignant depictions of loneliness. A very human film.

  19. REBA M's rating of the film Another Year

    Was expecting not to like this, but it was surprisingly wonderful. Like a fleshed out Radio 4 afternoon drama.

  20. raggiodisole's rating of the film Another Year

    The observations here are very sharp, the action routine but all the more poignant for that. Some of the acting leaves a little to be desired, but above all, I live in mortal fear of being one of the people in the film!

  21. chazell's rating of the film Another Year

    clever with the colours, characters and acting. v good !!

  22. Erika Jane's rating of the film Another Year

    I feel like I could know these people. Superbly well observed and acted. Surprisingly compelling portrait of middle class briton, I like how they appear caring and condescending in equal measure.

  23. Minna's rating of the film Another Year

  24. Murray's rating of the film Another Year

    There's no future in Mike Leigh's dreaming. Tory/LibDem Britain sliced open to reveal a warm and fuzzy vacancy. There's no there there. Torn lives rotate around a dead centre. There, there. This is the way the world ends. Mustn't grumble.

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