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  1. Pymo's rating of the film Antibodies

  2. mpho3's rating of the film Antibodies

    Handsomely filmed with strong acting, but the last third's hit-you-over the head scripture quotations and CGI Bambi and friends knocked what had been a riveting film down a notch. 3.5 stars.

  3. James Cavet's rating of the film Antibodies

    Not exactly another rip on Silence of the Lambs, but an interesting serial killer tale in its own right. The ending leaves a lot to be desired but who cares when you have such intense performances throughout? Couple that with some captivating cinematography and you have just the right ingredients to make a solid thriller; whether you like reading English subtitles or not.

  4. rorydean's rating of the film Antibodies

    I'm not a big fan of horror movies, much less slasher and gore and the whole serial killer thing is tired, listless and boring. Dexter ruined the genre as far as I'm concerned and after Silence of the Lambs, The Red Dragon, and maybe handful of other less knowns - this film builds from the character outward and for that it works on many levels others fail. Gabriel (killer) is palpable and his onscreen

  5. Mugino's rating of the film Antibodies

    This plays out like a loose cross between Thomas Harris' Hannibal Lecter stories and an old X-Files episode about the "contagion" and inherence of evil. The opening sequence is gripping and there are interesting themes pitting religious piety against man's basic nature. However, Engel's over-the-top villainy becomes more campy than frightening and the ending seems unsure of itself. Very disappointing.