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  1. Hollywood Overdose's rating of the film Antichrist

    In order to show my appreciation for this movie I first have to parafhrase Nietzsche when he says, "One must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star". Don't you see the resemblance between Lars own movie's silhouette and the absolutely raw, ruthless and irascible form of life we are? Lars gives us not the melodrama but the tragic reality dancing to the deepest of human emotions.

  2. Richard Tines's rating of the film Antichrist

    A woman let's her sensual pleasure override her maternal instincts, with dire consequences....the couple then seek refuge in Eden (irony!), a pastoral cauchemar of suffering wildlife, Jungian symbolism, and the wife's increasing sadism and ferality, first aimed against her husband, and then herself (in one of those ultimate Look Away! scenes)...chaos reigns indeed....

  3. Rita Roque's rating of the film Antichrist

  4. Riccardo's rating of the film Antichrist

    "Acorns don't cry, you know that as well as I do. That's what fear is, thoughts distort reality. Not the other way around."

  5. MisterColo93's rating of the film Antichrist

  6. vizija's rating of the film Antichrist

    Dedicated to Tarkovsky.

  7. Shane's rating of the film Antichrist

    3.5. Possibly the most unsettling movie I've ever seen, almost to a fault. I think it relied on the shock value too much, rather than the story. That being said, it looks gorgeous and is quite powerful.

  8. beatrizatriz's rating of the film Antichrist

    Não tinha a certeza se havia de dar uma ou cinco estrelas, portanto fica a meio, o que acaba por ser o que realmente vale.

  9. Pelin Şahin's rating of the film Antichrist

    tekrar,tekrar,tekrar izle!

  10. dordairobert's rating of the film Antichrist

  11. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Antichrist

    I don’t think I like sex anymore.

  12. Several Giraffes's rating of the film Antichrist

    Chaos, like, reigns, man. *drags cigarette*

  13. The Boreal Chorus's rating of the film Antichrist

    One of those films that doesn't allow the viewer to enjoy the range of the actors' abilities. With a terrible script and intention (and self-conscious as Von Trier is frequently inclined to be), the director's desire to appeal to, and shock (oh my!) his bourgeois yuppie/hipster audience is all too obvious. And when it's not simply bad, it's annoying. Provocative to a fault, this is not one of his better efforts.

  14. unearthly_red's rating of the film Antichrist

    3.5. i'm glad i finally made it through the whole movie. i loved the changing cinematography and the use of sound (though after the 5 hour director's cut of nymphomaniac the opera bits seem overused). some scenes reminded me of "Under the Skin", very entrancing, though this film wasn't nearly as disorienting for me. a stylish take on pain and evil, and a nice foray into horror territory.

  15. FISCHER's rating of the film Antichrist

    On ne peut que décrocher des phantasmes abscons du cinéaste quand l'ensemble vire au grotesque et au charabia ésotérico-diabolique, avec ou sans clé à molettes pour se libérer accessoirement l'esprit d'une ankylose fatale, on éprouve quelques chavirantes lassitudes et bien des difficultés à réfréner un chapelet de ricanements malséants.

  16. Ayinde Anderson's rating of the film Antichrist

    Unforgettable opening sequence, and hopefully some soon to be forgotten graphic images lol

  17. ofNatalie LA's rating of the film Antichrist

    There are explicit suggestions that original sin and our inherent weakness are the reasons so much violence has been visited on women. But, that might have nothing to do with this nightmare story.

  18. Fabiano Sasselli's rating of the film Antichrist

  19. El Abuelo Kraken's rating of the film Antichrist

    Es remarcable el trabajo que hace Lars Von Trier en Antichrist. Explora la psique humana de una forma interesante en el papel de Dafoe, y la vez nos muestra la pasional entrega de Gainsbourg. Es cierto que alguna que otra escena explícita se pudo haber evitado, como en el caso del prólogo, pero las demás me parecieron justificadas. Y el aplauso mayor se lo lleva Anthony Dod Mantle, por esa bellísima fotografía.

  20. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Antichrist

    Von Trier does horror, and as usual, he does it in a very unusual way. It has both explicit sex and violence, and weird moments that are quite original. After hearing for so many years that God is Nature, it's good to see the flip side of that argument.

  21. Fernando Arteaga Cabello's rating of the film Antichrist

    Película difícil de catalogar. Escenas sexuales fuertes, agresiva, con una fotografía extraordinara y un tema complejo. Escenas que van y vienen entre lo real e imaginario, difícil decir que es una joya, pero sin lugar a dudas un cine que hay que experimentar.

  22. daniroelleb's rating of the film Antichrist

    I love William Defoe, the film was not very scary to me it came off kind of easy to predict. The only part I thought was horrible was when she grabbed that tool. However it was shot really well and the cinamentography really added to the drama of the film however the handheld feel I was getting at some points was questionable. But still the unsimulated sex was fun to watch.

  23. Isaac Reyes's rating of the film Antichrist

    Brutal, angustiante, confusa, me mantuvo en tensión cada minuto. Excelente trabajo de LVT

  24. Bekriah M's rating of the film Antichrist

    I dare to give it 4 stars. I loved the images despite the kind of "delicate" horror portrayed. The Dogme-style hand-held camera combined with the tableaux are together a strong stimulator.

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