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  1. Giuseppe Potenza's rating of the film Antichrist

    Troppo bello, poi se lo guardi alle 3 di notte ancora meglio. Un tema affascinante, attori della madonna, giusto un po' inquietante. Già dalla sequenza iniziale si capisce che è un film con le palle, ce veramente mi è piaciuto un botto.

  2. Gustavo Paiva's rating of the film Antichrist

    Só consegui assisti-lo de novo depois de 11 anos... O desconforto que esse filme causa é uma das coisas que mais aprecio na arte - e não é um desconforto gratuito. Charlotte está simplesmente PERFEITA!

  3. Prabesh's rating of the film Antichrist

  4. ceknklsn's rating of the film Antichrist

    30/100 - critickerdaki yorumumu yapıştırıyorum, üşendim... "En farklı benim, aykırı olmam lazım diyen birinin elinden çıktığı o kadar bağırıyor ki filmde. Mantık, oyunculuk, alt metin bütünlüğü, özgünlük her şey ama her şey es geçilmiş. Birbirinden bağımsız 10 farklı metafor koyalım, rahatsız edici sahneler ekleyelim ve dikkat çekelim. Bu mudur yani film yapmak? Melancholia'yı yapan yönetmen bu olamaz"

  5. maksym hruszczenko's rating of the film Antichrist

  6. minfadly.robby's rating of the film Antichrist

  7. Salman Farisi Prasad's rating of the film Antichrist

    This is my first time seeing Lars von Trier's works and just God, it doesn't hold anything back when it comes to the disturbing element, gore, stuff, etc. This movie is beautiful yet painful to watch, not a type of movie like "Saw" or any gore movie. I know I sound pretentious at this point but it's thought to experience and explain why the movie has so many things to talk about.

  8. dionysus67's rating of the film Antichrist

    Regressing into unecessarily graphic sexual violence and mutiliation, Von Trier diminishes the philosophical and aesthetic impact of what is a bold homage to (but also radical departure from) Tarkovsky (Mirror, Solaris). The guilt of succumbing to carnal desire, despite its life-giving entanglement with the ethics of care is given a mystical twist about female suffering through the ages. Unsettling but remarkable.

  9. Nicolò Musiani's rating of the film Antichrist

    Technocratic Eden carries consequences

  10. josh's rating of the film Antichrist

    Nothing short of a masterpiece. An embodiment of anxiety, depression, and grief. A totem to the despair of humanity in all its suffering. I've never seen so unique, so talent, and I don't think I ever will again. Not ever Trier can achieve this again. Miracle-like, or, rather, cursed.

  11. Alice Blackwood's rating of the film Antichrist

    One of the greats. As much as it makes the viewer squirm, it asks interesting questions about men and women, feminism, grief and the occult that I still haven't found the answer to, even with repeat viewings.

  12. Alice Dimastrogiovanni's rating of the film Antichrist

    not really my kind but a great movie!

  13. garry.christian's rating of the film Antichrist

    Bro, what in the actual fuck??

  14. Ale Sabatini's rating of the film Antichrist

  15. McOpinionated's rating of the film Antichrist

    Why do men make films like this? Like the pub chats of drunk geezers, it is fun for those taking part. I loved the opening scene on first viewing - absolutely loved it. But on a second sample it retained no tension at all, which was interesting. The rest, well... it kind of went off the rails at bit. And I was bothered by the point of it all. I can understand people being furious, and hating this mansplainer.

  16. ayyy_lidh's rating of the film Antichrist

    First half of this movie was so dull and laughable that I fell asleep and missed all the gore. Probably just as well.

  17. Duarte Ferreira's rating of the film Antichrist

  18. raggiodisole's rating of the film Antichrist

    Such was the aura that this film has in the world of critics that I was waiting for the events that seem to define it, but the film seems deeper than that. That said, the exploration of grief, finely wrought, was trashed in favour of 'show' aesthetics, so what I will remember is the images I dont want to.

  19. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Antichrist

    Heavily symbolic, extremely eerie in a way that precedes films like The Witch and Sinister. This is evil filmmaking, but it has some substance. It’s hard to stop watching, even as it takes some revolting turns. But in the end, I’m deeply fascinated - so it did its job. More than just a warped psychological domestic dramas.

  20. mirklete's rating of the film Antichrist

    I can't rate highly any film that makes me look away from the screen. This is an assault and I won't forgive the director. However some scenes were incredibly beautiful and I remain particularly haunted by the last one. It did a lot to soothe the impact of the assault, and I hope it was emblematic of Von Trier's mental state towards the end of working through it.

  21. Kevin Brennan's rating of the film Antichrist

    Those bloody shoes on backwards will haunt me forever.

  22. teddy rennie's rating of the film Antichrist

    good gore towards the end of the film but overall lacked the aspects of an artistic film that i particularly like. The film seemed almost amateurish in its art, more pretentious that evocative.

  23. Andrew's rating of the film Antichrist

    I've seen Von Trier films before, but i found this one too slow to keep my attention. Bailed.

  24. SMCC100's rating of the film Antichrist

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