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Antoine Doinel, independiente y enamorado. El corto de "El amor a los veinte años" es el amor no correspondido y, en lugar de eso, la amistad correspondida. Lo más seductor de esta historia es sin duda sobre esa "adopción fortuita" que recibe Antoine de los padres de Colette. Es curioso como el joven, de infancia frustrada y ex-miembro de una familia disfuncional. no se percata de cómo ha hallado un cobijo familiar.

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Jesse Furgurson


Been there.

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Maudy Puteri Agusdina



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Francesco Maria Carreri


one of the best films ever made

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A masterpiece. Excellent follow-up to The 400 Blows, with an ending that is just as much of a gut punch.

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Sean Keeley


The space of a few years has made such a difference for me with regards to this film. What I once saw as a nice but inconsequential short I now recognize as a masterpiece of concise detail and pure feeling. No other film I know captures the feeling of young, obsessive, unrequited love as well as this one. And what a sad, true ending: as heartbreaking in its way as The 400 Blows.

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Francisco R.


Quite possibly the truest short ever.

Altero, Sean Keeley, Nayo Aragón, Matheus Cassano

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Pretty sure Antoine is my soul mate.

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N. C.


Lovely, Lovely.

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Poor Antoine! It might've been a cause de moving across the street like a stalker >_>;;;

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Erwin Figueroa


Everybody has meet a Colette once in his life. A woman who seems like the most wonderful beauty in the world, so much so that the person is unable to express his love. The mixed messages, the subtle cues that are not catched by Antoine, "te quiero, pero no te amo" vibe coming from her that is oblivious to Antoine. It all adds up to the final scene, so raw and painful, like a slow motion train wreck one cannot unseen.

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An amazing short. The end hit me like a fucking freight train.

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These two young characters seem so mature to me because of the way they dress, style their hair and speak to each other. I liked that Antoine's jacket looked just a tad oversized on his small body because it reminded me that they're still just kids falling in love for the first time

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a genius? (?)

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Zachary George Najarian-Najafi


The second part of Truffaut's Antoine Doinel series, and it makes me want to keep going forward. In but thirty minutes Truffaut captures Antoine's first love, those little triumphs and massive let-downs. It's a bit dry at times, but it's an adorable little short.

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Andhika Eka Buana


ouch. just plain heartbreaking...

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Antoine Doinel just may be my favorite movie character ever.

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I kind of feel like if Truffaut kept all the Doinel films after 400 Blows this length that I would like them as much as this. Not that they are not good, it's just that this is just insanely great.

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herb shellenberger


My favorite of the series!

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Zachary Phillip Brailsford


FANTASTIC piece of filmmaking by Truffaut. One of the best of the Antoine Doinel series, no doubt. Savvy