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  1. Photo of Martin Frič

    Martin Frič Director and Editing

  2. Photo of Emil Artur Longen

    Emil Artur Longen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Josef Neuberg

    Josef Neuberg Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jára Beneš

    Jára Beneš Music

  5. Photo of Otto Heller

    Otto Heller Cinematography

  6. Photo of Arnold Reimann

    Arnold Reimann Production Design

  7. Photo of Josef Zora

    Josef Zora Sound

  8. Photo of Vlasta Burian

    Vlasta Burian Cast

  9. Photo of Ruzena Slemrová

    Ruzena Slemrová Cast

  10. Photo of Jaroslav Marvan

    Jaroslav Marvan Cast

  11. Photo of Theodor Pištěk

    Theodor Pištěk Cast

  12. Photo of Jindřich Plachta

    Jindřich Plachta Cast

  13. Photo of Jirí Dréman

    Jirí Dréman Cast

  14. Photo of Ella Nollová

    Ella Nollová Cast

  15. Photo of Karel Postranecký

    Karel Postranecký Cast

  16. Photo of Frantisek Kreuzmann

    Frantisek Kreuzmann Cast

  17. Photo of Alexander Třebovský

    Alexander Třebovský Cast

  18. Photo of Čeněk Šlégl

    Čeněk Šlégl Cast

  19. Photo of Karel Schleichert

    Karel Schleichert Cast

  20. Photo of Viktor Nejedlý

    Viktor Nejedlý Cast