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  1. Photo of Tata Amaral

    Tata Amaral Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Roberto Moreira

    Roberto Moreira Screenplay

  3. Photo of Negra Li

    Negra Li Cast

  4. Photo of Cindy Mendes

    Cindy Mendes Cast

  5. Photo of Leilah Moreno

    Leilah Moreno Cast

  6. Photo of Jacqueline Simão

    Jacqueline Simão Cast

  7. Photo of Chico Andrade

    Chico Andrade Cast

  8. Photo of Barão

    Barão Cast

  9. Photo of Adielson Bonam

    Adielson Bonam Cast

  10. Photo of Odara Carvalho

    Odara Carvalho Cast

  11. Photo of Leona Cavalli

    Leona Cavalli Cast

  12. Photo of Geórgia Costa Araújo

    Geórgia Costa Araújo Producer

  13. Photo of Rui Pires

    Rui Pires Producer

  14. Photo of Fernando Meirelles

    Fernando Meirelles Producer

  15. Photo of Moa Ramalho

    Moa Ramalho Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Beto Villares

    Beto Villares Music

  17. Photo of Jacob Solitrenick

    Jacob Solitrenick Cinematography

  18. Photo of Idê Lacreta

    Idê Lacreta Editing

  19. Photo of Rafael Ronconi

    Rafael Ronconi Production Design

  20. Photo of Joao Godoy

    Joao Godoy Sound