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  1. Photo of Mervyn LeRoy

    Mervyn LeRoy Director

  2. Photo of Edward Harris Heth

    Edward Harris Heth Screenplay

  3. Photo of Richard Brooks

    Richard Brooks Screenplay

  4. Photo of Arthur Freed

    Arthur Freed Producer

  5. Photo of Lennie Hayton

    Lennie Hayton Music

  6. Photo of Harold Rosson

    Harold Rosson Cinematography

  7. Photo of Ralph E. Winters

    Ralph E. Winters Editing

  8. Photo of Cedric Gibbons

    Cedric Gibbons Production Design

  9. Photo of Urie McCleary

    Urie McCleary Production Design

  10. Photo of Clark Gable

    Clark Gable Cast

  11. Photo of Alexis Smith

    Alexis Smith Cast

  12. Photo of Wendell Corey

    Wendell Corey Cast

  13. Photo of Audrey Totter

    Audrey Totter Cast

  14. Photo of Frank Morgan

    Frank Morgan Cast

  15. Photo of Mary Astor

    Mary Astor Cast

  16. Photo of Lewis Stone

    Lewis Stone Cast

  17. Photo of Barry Sullivan

    Barry Sullivan Cast

  18. Photo of Marjorie Rambeau

    Marjorie Rambeau Cast

  19. Photo of Edgar Buchanan

    Edgar Buchanan Cast

  20. Photo of Leon Ames

    Leon Ames Cast

  21. Photo of Mickey Knox

    Mickey Knox Cast

  22. Photo of Richard Rober

    Richard Rober Cast

  23. Photo of William Conrad

    William Conrad Cast

  24. Photo of Darryl Hickman

    Darryl Hickman Cast

  25. Photo of Caleb Peterson

    Caleb Peterson Cast

  26. Photo of Dorothy Comingore

    Dorothy Comingore Cast

  27. Photo of Art Baker

    Art Baker Cast