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  1. Photo of George Miller

    George Miller Director

  2. Photo of Pino Amenta

    Pino Amenta Director

  3. Photo of John Dixon

    John Dixon Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of John Clarke

    John Clarke Screenplay

  5. Photo of Andrew Clarke

    Andrew Clarke Cast

  6. Photo of Paul Hogan

    Paul Hogan Cast

  7. Photo of Jon Blake

    Jon Blake Cast

  8. Photo of Chrstopher Cummins

    Chrstopher Cummins Cast

  9. Photo of Megan Williams

    Megan Williams Cast

  10. Photo of Mark Hembrow

    Mark Hembrow Cast

  11. Photo of Tony Bonner

    Tony Bonner Cast

  12. Photo of Patrick Ward

    Patrick Ward Cast

  13. Photo of Shane Briant

    Shane Briant Cast

  14. Photo of Wayne Jarratt

    Wayne Jarratt Cast

  15. Photo of Jim Holt

    Jim Holt Cast

  16. Photo of Vincent Ball

    Vincent Ball Cast

  17. Photo of Ilona Rodgers

    Ilona Rodgers Cast

  18. Photo of Robert Coleby

    Robert Coleby Cast

  19. Photo of Bill Kerr

    Bill Kerr Cast

  20. Photo of David Bradshaw

    David Bradshaw Cast

  21. Photo of Noel Trevarthen

    Noel Trevarthen Cast

  22. Photo of Keith Wagstaff

    Keith Wagstaff Cinematography

  23. Photo of Bruce Rowland

    Bruce Rowland Music

  24. Photo of Lesley Binns

    Lesley Binns Production Design

  25. Photo of Geoff Burrowes

    Geoff Burrowes Producer

  26. Photo of Philip Reid

    Philip Reid Editing

  27. Photo of Lloyd Carrick

    Lloyd Carrick Sound

  28. Photo of Terry Rodman

    Terry Rodman Sound

  29. Photo of Jane Hyland

    Jane Hyland Costume Design