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  1. Photo of Ermanno Olmi

    Ermanno Olmi Director, Cinematography Editing

  2. Photo of Antoni Jaholkowski

    Antoni Jaholkowski Self

  3. Photo of Zygmunt Molik

    Zygmunt Molik Self

  4. Photo of Zbigniew Cynkutis

    Zbigniew Cynkutis Self

  5. Photo of Maja Komorowska

    Maja Komorowska Self

  6. Photo of Rena Mireka

    Rena Mireka Self

  7. Photo of Stanislaw Scierski

    Stanislaw Scierski Self

  8. Photo of Ryszard Cieslak

    Ryszard Cieslak Self

  9. Photo of Jerzy Grotowski

    Jerzy Grotowski Self