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  1. Photo of João Milagre

    João Milagre Screenplay

  2. Photo of Fátima Ribeiro

    Fátima Ribeiro Screenplay

  3. Photo of Vergílio Ferreira

    Vergílio Ferreira Novel

  4. Photo of Jaime Freitas

    Jaime Freitas Cast

  5. Photo of Victória Guerra

    Victória Guerra Cast

  6. Photo of Rita Martins

    Rita Martins Cast

  7. Photo of João Cachola

    João Cachola Cast

  8. Photo of Rui Morisson

    Rui Morisson Cast

  9. Photo of Ricardo Aibéo

    Ricardo Aibéo Cast

  10. Photo of Dinis Gomes

    Dinis Gomes Cast

  11. Photo of Teresa Madruga

    Teresa Madruga Cast

  12. Photo of Inês Trindade

    Inês Trindade Cast

  13. Photo of João Lagarto

    João Lagarto Cast

  14. Photo of João Vaz

    João Vaz Cast

  15. Photo of Isac Graça

    Isac Graça Cast

  16. Photo of Figueira Cid

    Figueira Cid Cast

  17. Photo of Cláudia Lázaro

    Cláudia Lázaro Cast

  18. Photo of Mário Castanheira

    Mário Castanheira Cinematography

  19. Photo of Luís Alvarães

    Luís Alvarães Producer

  20. Photo of Fernando Vendrell

    Fernando Vendrell Producer and Director

  21. Photo of Ana Figueira

    Ana Figueira Executive Producer

  22. Photo of João Braz

    João Braz Editing

  23. Photo of Tiago Matos

    Tiago Matos Sound

  24. Photo of Tiago Raposinho

    Tiago Raposinho Sound

  25. Photo of Patrícía Dória

    Patrícía Dória Costume Design