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  1. Photo of Donatella Palermo

    Donatella Palermo Producer

  2. Photo of Giorgio Magliulo

    Giorgio Magliulo Producer

  3. Photo of Tonino De Bernardi

    Tonino De Bernardi Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Mario Sesti

    Mario Sesti Screenplay

  5. Photo of Tommaso Borgstrom

    Tommaso Borgstrom Cinematography

  6. Photo of Anna Bonaiuto

    Anna Bonaiuto Cast

  7. Photo of Inês de Medeiros

    Inês de Medeiros Cast

  8. Photo of Iaia Forte

    Iaia Forte Cast

  9. Photo of Galatea Ranzi Galatea Ranzi

    Galatea Ranzi Galatea Ranzi Cast

  10. Photo of Isabel Ruth

    Isabel Ruth Cast

  11. Photo of Salvatore Cantalupo

    Salvatore Cantalupo Cast

  12. Photo of Carlo Cecchi

    Carlo Cecchi Cast

  13. Photo of Fiorella Giovanelli

    Fiorella Giovanelli Editing

  14. Photo of Lino Fiorito

    Lino Fiorito Production Design

  15. Photo of Gianluca Costamagna

    Gianluca Costamagna Music

  16. Photo of Silvia Moraes

    Silvia Moraes Sound