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  1. n's rating of the film Applause

    Yes, Ms. Steen is great. But the narration is also good: duration and the ending moment of the scenes are influential; close-up shots that build mood create sense of pressure. Analogy between stage play and life of actress could be a risk but it appears to have been overcome.

  2. VGR's rating of the film Applause

    As noted, this is all about Paprika Steen's great performance. It is not somehow showy/ shouty, as it very well could have been and that is much appreciated..

  3. tonykaspar's rating of the film Applause

    85 dakika çöp özlesem daha keyif alırdım.

  4. esen özen's rating of the film Applause

    Paprika Steen'in performansı için izlenebilir...

  5. Abigail Legge's rating of the film Applause

    Featuring a fantastic performance from Paprika Steen, this film delivers a subtle insight into a successful actress' struggles with alcoholism and motherhood. It's a great (if haunting) watch - highly recommend.

  6. Ludovica's rating of the film Applause

  7. Ben Dooley's rating of the film Applause

    A terrific central performance from Paprika Steen as a star theatre actress whose alcoholism has estranged her from her young sons. The story is very simple, with the subtle nuances of Steen's performance allowing us to see beyond the 'diva', to the very human anguish and clear love for her children. A committed portrayal of alcoholism and those with extreme emotions. Reminiscent of Cassavetes's Opening Night...

  8. Natasha Subramaniam's rating of the film Applause

    A film about a wounded stage actress struggling with alcoholism and desperately clinging to her sense of motherhood, "Applause" echoes "Opening Night," and "Woman Under the Influence," but with a contemporary immediacy that is rare. Not to be missed by anyone who has a chance to catch it in their city, this film is cinematically and conceptually rich, with an intense and profound performance by Paprika Steen.

  9. Thomas Frovin's rating of the film Applause

    Paprika Steen is absolutely marvelous in this otherwise mediocre, if watchable little film about an actress, successful in her art but failing in life.