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  1. Photo of Ralph L. Thomas

    Ralph L. Thomas Director

  2. Photo of Wesley Moore

    Wesley Moore Screenplay

  3. Photo of Allan Scott

    Allan Scott Screenplay

  4. Photo of Donald Sutherland

    Donald Sutherland Cast

  5. Photo of Chad Lowe

    Chad Lowe Cast

  6. Photo of Mia Sara

    Mia Sara Cast

  7. Photo of Knut Husebø

    Knut Husebø Cast

  8. Photo of Rutanya Alda

    Rutanya Alda Cast

  9. Photo of Eddie Jones

    Eddie Jones Cast

  10. Photo of Adrian Sparks

    Adrian Sparks Cast

  11. Photo of Minnie Gentry

    Minnie Gentry Cast

  12. Photo of Tiger Haynes

    Tiger Haynes Cast

  13. Photo of Kelvin Pike

    Kelvin Pike Cinematography

  14. Photo of Charles Gross

    Charles Gross Music

  15. Photo of Gregory Bolton

    Gregory Bolton Production Design

  16. Photo of Howard K. Grossman

    Howard K. Grossman Producer

  17. Photo of Michael Haley

    Michael Haley Producer

  18. Photo of John H. Williams

    John H. Williams Producer

  19. Photo of Michael Rauch

    Michael Rauch Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Patrick McMahon

    Patrick McMahon Editing

  22. Photo of Sandy Nervig

    Sandy Nervig Editing

  23. Photo of Chip Cronkite

    Chip Cronkite Editing

  24. Photo of Lisa DeBenedictis

    Lisa DeBenedictis Editing

  25. Photo of Jan Brodin

    Jan Brodin Sound

  26. Photo of Jack Cooley

    Jack Cooley Sound

  27. Photo of Derek Meddings

    Derek Meddings Special Effects

  28. Photo of Mark Meddings

    Mark Meddings Special Effects

  29. Photo of Roy Spencer

    Roy Spencer Special Effects