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Ratings & Reviews

  1. captainfez's rating of the film Après

    That's one hell of a version of EYE OF THE TIGER.

  2. Koen Dens's rating of the film Après

  3. oliver_twistor's rating of the film Après

    Very annoying that the dialogue was mute.

  4. lemmontage's rating of the film Après

    Fragmented. Incomplete? It's one thing to be sparse, it's another to be missing pieces ... example: we figure out he is suddenly back in his home town ... the ride on the mini-bus should be an opportunity to learn more about the people around him ...his relationship with the woman should have had more details added ... her character is a good character and contrasted with him, a great couple ... maybe they meet again

  5. Jean A. Vachon's rating of the film Après

    Lent, invraisemblable, son affreux. Film avec scénario pitoyable !!