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  1. Photo of Nobuhiko Obayashi

    Nobuhiko Obayashi Director

  2. Photo of Michio Morioka

    Michio Morioka Producer

  3. Photo of Kyoko Obayashi

    Kyoko Obayashi Producer

  4. Photo of James Miki

    James Miki Screenplay

  5. Photo of Tadashi Naitoh

    Tadashi Naitoh Screenplay

  6. Photo of Yoshitaka Sakamoto

    Yoshitaka Sakamoto Cinematography

  7. Photo of Miyoko Akaza

    Miyoko Akaza Cast

  8. Photo of Nao Asuka

    Nao Asuka Cast

  9. Photo of Wakaba Irie

    Wakaba Irie Cast

  10. Photo of Shigeru Izumiya

    Shigeru Izumiya Cast

  11. Photo of Norikazu Kobayashi

    Norikazu Kobayashi Cast

  12. Photo of Kanako Kyo

    Kanako Kyo Cast

  13. Photo of Tôru Minegishi

    Tôru Minegishi Cast

  14. Photo of Yûji Miyake

    Yûji Miyake Cast

  15. Photo of Masaaki Shirei

    Masaaki Shirei Cast

  16. Photo of Yukihiro Takahashi

    Yukihiro Takahashi Cast

  17. Photo of Tetsurô Tanba

    Tetsurô Tanba Cast

  18. Photo of Akio Yokoyama

    Akio Yokoyama Cast