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  1. Photo of Carlos Casas

    Carlos Casas Director, Producer Cinematography

  2. Photo of Janibek Anuarov

    Janibek Anuarov Self

  3. Photo of Tanjer Irsimbetov

    Tanjer Irsimbetov Self

  4. Photo of Jumagul Oltijanov

    Jumagul Oltijanov Self

  5. Photo of Kuandik Metjanov

    Kuandik Metjanov Self

  6. Photo of Oltinoi Aunarova

    Oltinoi Aunarova Self

  7. Photo of Jedegei Aunarov

    Jedegei Aunarov Self

  8. Photo of Erali Istinbaev

    Erali Istinbaev Self

  9. Photo of Oijamal Irsinbetova

    Oijamal Irsinbetova Self

  10. Photo of Juldas Kaitmetov

    Juldas Kaitmetov Self

  11. Photo of Fatima Oltijanova

    Fatima Oltijanova Self

  12. Photo of Gulya Oltijanova

    Gulya Oltijanova Self

  13. Photo of Malik Abdusaidov

    Malik Abdusaidov Self

  14. Photo of Gliya Abdusaidova

    Gliya Abdusaidova Self

  15. Photo of Saodat Ismailova

    Saodat Ismailova Cinematography, Director Producer

  16. Photo of Andres Reymondes Mutti

    Andres Reymondes Mutti Music

  17. Photo of Kamilla Biktimirova

    Kamilla Biktimirova Producer

  18. Photo of Felipe Guerrero

    Felipe Guerrero Editing

  19. Photo of Giorgio Collodet

    Giorgio Collodet Sound