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  1. Photo of D.J. MacHale

    D.J. MacHale Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ron Oliver

    Ron Oliver Director

  3. Photo of David Winning

    David Winning Director

  4. Photo of Iain Paterson

    Iain Paterson Director

  5. Photo of Lorette Leblanc

    Lorette Leblanc Director

  6. Photo of Jim Donovan

    Jim Donovan Director

  7. Photo of Mark Soulard

    Mark Soulard Director

  8. Photo of Jean-Marie Comeau

    Jean-Marie Comeau Director

  9. Photo of Adam Weissman

    Adam Weissman Director

  10. Photo of Will Dixon

    Will Dixon Director

  11. Photo of Michael Keusch

    Michael Keusch Director

  12. Photo of Jacques Laberge

    Jacques Laberge Director

  13. Photo of Jacques Payette

    Jacques Payette Director

  14. Photo of Scott Peters

    Scott Peters Director

  15. Photo of Craig Pryce

    Craig Pryce Director

  16. Photo of Ross Hull

    Ross Hull Cast

  17. Photo of Daniel DeSanto

    Daniel DeSanto Cast

  18. Photo of Raine Pare-Coull

    Raine Pare-Coull Cast

  19. Photo of Jodie Resther

    Jodie Resther Cast

  20. Photo of Jason Alisharan

    Jason Alisharan Cast

  21. Photo of JoAnna Garcia Swisher

    JoAnna Garcia Swisher Cast

  22. Photo of Elisha Cuthbert

    Elisha Cuthbert Cast

  23. Photo of David Deveau

    David Deveau Cast

  24. Photo of Rachel Blanchard

    Rachel Blanchard Cast

  25. Photo of Nathaniel Moreau

    Nathaniel Moreau Cast

  26. Photo of Kareem Blackwell

    Kareem Blackwell Cast

  27. Photo of Vanessa Lengies

    Vanessa Lengies Cast

  28. Photo of Jacob Tierney

    Jacob Tierney Cast

  29. Photo of Codie Lucas Wilbee

    Codie Lucas Wilbee Cast

  30. Photo of Richard Dumont

    Richard Dumont Cast

  31. Photo of Sheena Larkin

    Sheena Larkin Cast

  32. Photo of Aron Tager

    Aron Tager Cast

  33. Photo of James Bradford

    James Bradford Cast

  34. Photo of Jay Baruchel

    Jay Baruchel Cast

  35. Photo of Ryan Gosling

    Ryan Gosling Cast

  36. Photo of Neve Campbell

    Neve Campbell Cast