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  1. Photo of Nia Dinata

    Nia Dinata Director, Screenplay Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Joko Anwar

    Joko Anwar Screenplay

  3. Photo of Cut Mini Theo

    Cut Mini Theo Cast

  4. Photo of Tora Sudiro

    Tora Sudiro Cast

  5. Photo of Aida Nurmala

    Aida Nurmala Cast

  6. Photo of Surya Saputra

    Surya Saputra Cast

  7. Photo of Rachel Maryam Sayidina

    Rachel Maryam Sayidina Cast

  8. Photo of Lili Harahap

    Lili Harahap Cast

  9. Photo of Aurora Yahya

    Aurora Yahya Cast

  10. Photo of Wilza Lubis

    Wilza Lubis Cast

  11. Photo of Yudi Datau

    Yudi Datau Cinematography

  12. Photo of Andi Rianto

    Andi Rianto Music

  13. Photo of Ary Juwono

    Ary Juwono Production Design

  14. Photo of Sari Nirmolo

    Sari Nirmolo Producer

  15. Photo of Dina Ponsen

    Dina Ponsen Producer

  16. Photo of Afi Shamara

    Afi Shamara Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Dewi S. Alibasah

    Dewi S. Alibasah Editing

  18. Photo of Adityawan Susanto

    Adityawan Susanto Sound

  19. Photo of Haryo Balitar

    Haryo Balitar Costume Design