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  1. Photo of Atif Yilmaz

    Atif Yilmaz Director

  2. Photo of Ümit Ünal

    Ümit Ünal Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mazhar Alanson

    Mazhar Alanson Cast and Music

  4. Photo of Ali Poyrazoglu

    Ali Poyrazoglu Cast

  5. Photo of Yaprak Özdemiroğlu

    Yaprak Özdemiroğlu Cast

  6. Photo of Fuat Güner

    Fuat Güner Cast and Music

  7. Photo of Celal Hüsrev

    Celal Hüsrev Cast

  8. Photo of Bülent Kayabaş

    Bülent Kayabaş Cast

  9. Photo of Hüseyin Kutman

    Hüseyin Kutman Cast

  10. Photo of Tarık Pabuççuoğlu

    Tarık Pabuççuoğlu Cast

  11. Photo of Ayhan Sicimoğlu

    Ayhan Sicimoğlu Cast

  12. Photo of Deniz Türkali

    Deniz Türkali Cast

  13. Photo of Sedef İlke Vurtop

    Sedef İlke Vurtop Cast

  14. Photo of Özkan Uğur

    Özkan Uğur Music and Cast

  15. Photo of Cengiz Ergun

    Cengiz Ergun Producer

  16. Photo of Erdal Kahraman

    Erdal Kahraman Editing