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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Z's rating of the film Armed and Dangerous

    The first act to this rather standard buddy comedy is so funny, class conscious and inspired that the rest of the film's rote action/comedy beats can't live up to it. John Candy made a film career out of being better than the material he was given and that is the case here. Eugene Levy underplays and supports Candy brilliantly while engaging in a shy, sweet flirtation with Meg Ryan. Amusing, disposable distraction.

  2. ‏ㅤ's rating of the film Armed and Dangerous

    "The opposite of a Western is not an Eastern. That word would only describe those dreary movies in which one oriental gentleman thrusts his bare foot into the face of another. The antithesis of a Western is an urban and that is just what Armed And Dangerous really is." - Quentin Crisp

  3. Aimee's rating of the film Armed and Dangerous

    gawd this film is hilarious. no other reason why i like it.