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  1. Nutter Jr's rating of the film Armored

    ...and pigs fly. Unfortunately, although there is plenty of action, this is not the kick ass movie you would expect. The cast are doing an fine job, considering the material in their hands which is almost laughable.

  2. John Smith's rating of the film Armored

  3. rado's rating of the film Armored

    a very engaging contemporary film noir with great understanding of how b-movies work and a strong moral stance

  4. Mr.Wolf's rating of the film Armored

    Aw Come on!! This movie could have been epic, but noooo we had to do this movie like every other movie. Im not saying I turned it off, watc hed till the end but said..really? The story line is really weak, I was expecting a bit more, like a minus A movie xD

  5. Matt Parks's rating of the film Armored

    Once again, Antal struggles mightily against bad-ish material--sort of Reservoir Dogs remade as an action film.

  6. Don't Get Nasty Brother's rating of the film Armored

    Nothing spectacular but not boring at all. Just a plain story with a few well stage action sets. The thing is that i suppose this was one of the movies that convinced FOX that Nimrod Antal was a good choice to direct the reboot of Predator, honestly i dont see anything special. In my humble opinion right now the most interesting "action" director is John Hyams (Universal Soldier: Regeneration)

  7. Mark For Now's rating of the film Armored

    like prison break minus everything good

  8. Kyle Chiba's rating of the film Armored

    Nothing spectacular, but entertaining nonetheless.

  9. Kent Lundblad's rating of the film Armored

    Here's how you waste an ensamble cast. Get talented actors who have proved themselves in other roles and then give the most talented of them the least amount of lines or things to do. Poor Jean Reno.

  10. Rob Cunningham's rating of the film Armored

    mediocre plot, nothing to distingush this movie from the rest of the field in this genre past and present.

  11. Dorin Moldoveanu's rating of the film Armored

    maybe it was comission work so he can direct "Predators" which really hope it's better!