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  1. Photo of Franz Peter Wirth

    Franz Peter Wirth Director

  2. Photo of Peter Goldbaum

    Peter Goldbaum Producer

  3. Photo of Harry R. Sokal

    Harry R. Sokal Producer

  4. Photo of Eberhard Keindorff

    Eberhard Keindorff Screenplay

  5. Photo of George Bernard Shaw

    George Bernard Shaw Screenplay

  6. Photo of Johanna Sibelius

    Johanna Sibelius Screenplay

  7. Photo of Klaus von Rautenfeld

    Klaus von Rautenfeld Cinematography

  8. Photo of O. W. Fischer

    O. W. Fischer Cast

  9. Photo of Liselotte Pulver

    Liselotte Pulver Cast

  10. Photo of Ellen Schwiers

    Ellen Schwiers Cast

  11. Photo of Jan Hendriks

    Jan Hendriks Cast

  12. Photo of Ljuba Welitsch

    Ljuba Welitsch Cast

  13. Photo of Kurt Kasznar

    Kurt Kasznar Cast

  14. Photo of Manfred Inger

    Manfred Inger Cast

  15. Photo of Horst Tappert

    Horst Tappert Cast

  16. Photo of Claus von Boro

    Claus von Boro Editing

  17. Photo of Hermann Warm

    Hermann Warm Production Design

  18. Photo of Franz Grothe

    Franz Grothe Music

  19. Photo of Friedrich W. Duestermann

    Friedrich W. Duestermann Sound

  20. Photo of Herbert Ploberger

    Herbert Ploberger Costume Design

  21. Photo of Hans Clarin

    Hans Clarin Cast