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Ratings & Reviews

  1. msmichel's rating of the film ARQ

    Groundhog day meets an apocalyptic future in this Netflix funded time loop movie with pretty dismal results. Any interest is pretty much lost by the third go around with an endgame one can see coming long before its eventuality.

  2. borny21's rating of the film ARQ

    could be 5* but the end was S H I T bro

  3. Wee Hunk's rating of the film ARQ

    So Netflix is doing the low-budget sci-fi with this one, but it's nowhere near as bad as the SyFy movies. This has the time loop plot device which is my favorite. Not horrible.

  4. Barış Akpınar's rating of the film ARQ

    Began with the end; and ended with the beginning..

  5. lowplacelikehome's rating of the film ARQ

  6. Adam Cross's rating of the film ARQ

    probably the worst time loop movie ever. looks pretty though.

  7. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film ARQ

    [3,5]Time loop movies has been around for while, but this one with tiny innovations makes a whole lot of a difference. Following the Netflix philosophy of making great with limited resources, it increases the level of excitement at each loop. This excitement goes from supercool plot to the agony of consciously living in infinite circle.