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  1. mpho3's rating of the film Arranged

    "It is a delight to see a film that celebrates the integrity and zeal of two deeply religious women as they question tradition but in the end discover they can support it as a path with meaning." - Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality & Practice. 3.5 stars

  2. panagiotatos's rating of the film Arranged

    5/10 very schematic in its scope, most of the characters seem caricatures, or it's just me.

  3. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film Arranged

    It was very good to see a sincere friendship of a Jewish girl and a Muslim girl freed from all kinds of prejudices. Also, the directors' approach to the traditions of these people is so sincere and humanistic. In addition, the portrayal of the elder teacher supervising them is so realistic.

  4. Nabil Hamzaki's rating of the film Arranged

    "I have a choice! The community has a choice. It’s different, yes, but I have a say."

  5. captainfez's rating of the film Arranged

  6. Jimmy the Cho's rating of the film Arranged

    The process is much better than the overly tidy ending. And the film feels like it needs some kind of turn to rupture the conventions that play out. But like so many good films, this one takes place in the eyes, and the subtle, endearing qualities of both lead actors carry the film and make it a success. An easy film to recommend.

  7. tristanetyseut's rating of the film Arranged

    A little naive but cute. zoe Lister is gorgeous.

  8. mark phelan's rating of the film Arranged

    Very nice-warm, but not too cheeeesy!

  9. Henk Lamers's rating of the film Arranged

    Final score: 7. Storyline: 7, Originality: 7, Cinematography: 8, Involvement: 6, Sound: 6, Editing: 7, Educational: 8, Title design: 6, Acting: 7, Interesting: 8, Unusual: 7, Exciting: 5, Superior: 7

  10. Syed Naqi Abid Zaidi's rating of the film Arranged

    It absolutely touches your heart and mind with brilliantly written pieces. Zoe Jones looks simply stunning. Full credit to Schaefer & Crespo.

  11. lonerwithwine's rating of the film Arranged

    A little cheesy at times but a charming narrative nonetheless. A light hearted film given the loaded subject matter; with some endearing moments

  12. Abbey Thorley's rating of the film Arranged

    the kind of movie that you must watch once every while, because it is like an exercise in humanity, by refreshing your mind about what matters. a beautifully made, heartful film about the intersection between belief and love. life, like love, is having the choice to decide what is right for oneself.

  13. Renton47's rating of the film Arranged

    Proving that cinema is humanism, 'Arranged' achieves a lot with very little. A noticeably small budget, production values apart from what classifies as so much of middle-class "indie" nowadays (economic not representation sense). But in its insistence on authentic character and dignity for voices often ignored in cinema, the result is genuinely transporting and moving. The lightness conveys an honesty that defies $$

  14. Vera Sophia's rating of the film Arranged

  15. doublelife91's rating of the film Arranged

    This may very well have been the best film of 2007.