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  1. Photo of Ciro Ippolito

    Ciro Ippolito Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Silvano Ambrogi

    Silvano Ambrogi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Daniele Pace

    Daniele Pace Screenplay and Cast

  4. Photo of Urs Althaus

    Urs Althaus Cast

  5. Photo of Tinì Cansino

    Tinì Cansino Cast

  6. Photo of Squallor

    Squallor Cast

  7. Photo of Alfredo Cerruti

    Alfredo Cerruti Cast

  8. Photo of Giancarlo Bigazzi

    Giancarlo Bigazzi Cast

  9. Photo of Totò Savio

    Totò Savio Cast and Music

  10. Photo of Gigio Morra

    Gigio Morra Cast

  11. Photo of Armando Marra

    Armando Marra Cast

  12. Photo of Benedetto Casillo

    Benedetto Casillo Cast

  13. Photo of Giuseppe Bernardini

    Giuseppe Bernardini Cinematography

  14. Photo of Carlo Broglio

    Carlo Broglio Editing