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  1. Ryan O'Connor (23)'s rating of the film Art & Copy

  2. afuchs's rating of the film Art & Copy

    The only good this did me is making me ask myself whether anything that has a financial metrics of success can be defined as art, however creative it shows itself to be. I cannot answer this question however, and I do not really know why whatever I see as art intrinsically defies any kind of mass-measured success, and this film does not help. That said, I did not like the guys and see no art and no value in this.

  3. Jeremy Moss's rating of the film Art & Copy

    Yes, a bit self-important and dry at times - yet still an interesting, inspiring, and informative survey of the history and scope of modern-day advertising.

  4. rado's rating of the film Art & Copy

    An unintentional horror story. Made me want to re-watch "Zabriskie Point" and "Exit through the Gift Shop".

  5. Guillermo Padilla's rating of the film Art & Copy

    El valor más grande de este documental son los testimoniales de grandes publicistas américanos.. sin embargo me parace no pasa más alla de la charla anecdótica..

  6. alexandrology's rating of the film Art & Copy

    This documentary starts off a bit poignant, presenting advertising from a very narrow point of view (no, it's not all about the crazy stuff), but it gets the right message through at the end. Very pleasant to watch.

  7. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Art & Copy

    Charismatic "ad guru" Mr. Goodby pontificates that Advertising is "Art Serving Capitalism". Advertising is definitely serving Capitalism but it is certainly not Art. Nice try, Goodby. The greatest bit of Pray's doc is the explanation behind the origins of the Nike's "Just Do it" slogan: it was coined by a murderer. It makes perfect sense: after all, advertising is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction/distraction.