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  1. saitosouta's rating of the film Art History

    Swanberg has a trauma with cowgirl position, doesn't he? In end of "Nights and Weekends," Gerwig has sex with Swanberg but she thinks "Ah, I don't get wet. So, this relationship is over." In "Art History," breakdown happens during filming cowgirl position sequence. It's weird.

  2. N҉O҉ L҉O҉N҉G҉E҉R҉ H҉U҉M҉A҉N҉'s rating of the film Art History

    Exploiting and disrupting the intimacy....while i'm watching this, it is very delicious and subtly emotional.

  3. dave gunn's rating of the film Art History

    Another mumbleporn from Joe Swanberg. There is a story underneath the traditional long takes of actual friends just hanging out, but not enough of it. The lengthy scenes that make you feel like you're watching the cutting room floor takes of a student film outnumber everything else.

  4. Catalina Manzano's rating of the film Art History

  5. Black Irish's rating of the film Art History


  6. Jesse Furgurson's rating of the film Art History

    I liked this one, I think, insofar as it manages to be a study of on-set politics and passive aggression that's genuinely subtle and nuanced, despite containing what feels like a 10-minute shot of Kent Osbourne tweaking Josephine Decker's nipple.

  7. Scout Tafoya's rating of the film Art History

    Some Michael haneke shit right there! Absolutely brilliant. Goddamn it! This movie is devastating. Joe Swanberg is, in my estimation, THE American filmmaker. No one else understands how to fill a room with so much unbearable emotion.