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  1. Photo of Steve Gordon

    Steve Gordon Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Dudley Moore

    Dudley Moore Cast

  3. Photo of Liza Minnelli

    Liza Minnelli Cast

  4. Photo of John Gielgud

    John Gielgud Cast

  5. Photo of Geraldine Fitzgerald

    Geraldine Fitzgerald Cast

  6. Photo of Jill Eikenberry

    Jill Eikenberry Cast

  7. Photo of Ted Ross

    Ted Ross Cast

  8. Photo of Barney Martin

    Barney Martin Cast

  9. Photo of Thomas Barbour

    Thomas Barbour Cast

  10. Photo of Anne De Salvo

    Anne De Salvo Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Gleason

    Paul Gleason Cast

  12. Photo of Phyllis Somerville

    Phyllis Somerville Cast

  13. Photo of Irving Metzman

    Irving Metzman Cast

  14. Photo of Lou Jacobi

    Lou Jacobi Cast

  15. Photo of Helen Hanft

    Helen Hanft Cast

  16. Photo of Raymond Serra

    Raymond Serra Cast

  17. Photo of Peter Evans

    Peter Evans Cast

  18. Photo of Richard Hamilton

    Richard Hamilton Cast

  19. Photo of Lawrence Tierney

    Lawrence Tierney Cast

  20. Photo of Bobo Lewis

    Bobo Lewis Cast

  21. Photo of Kurt Schlesing

    Kurt Schlesing Cast

  22. Photo of Fred Schuler

    Fred Schuler Cinematography

  23. Photo of Burt Bacharach

    Burt Bacharach Music

  24. Photo of Stephen Hendrickson

    Stephen Hendrickson Production Design

  25. Photo of Robert Greenhut

    Robert Greenhut Producer

  26. Photo of Charles H. Joffe

    Charles H. Joffe Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Susan E. Morse

    Susan E. Morse Editing

  28. Photo of James Sabat

    James Sabat Sound

  29. Photo of Jane Greenwood

    Jane Greenwood Costume Design