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  1. smndvdcl's rating of the film Artifact

    As testament of the pernicious nature of music labels (in this case, EMI), this is a stirring account from '30 Seconds To Mars' helmsman/actor, Jared Leto; one band's battle against the system with a pivotal lawsuit (2008-11) regarding artist exploitation by distributive execs. The music industry remains in a rut thanks to streaming monopolies. The future of music is in limbo, Leto is willing to challenge that.

  2. Marcelo Baldin's rating of the film Artifact

  3. God_Schizo's rating of the film Artifact

    A very interesting piece on how the music industry is evolving nowadays. It is not of course objective at all, since the director is the leader of the band at the center of this film. But still I found myself thinking and learning while watching it. Bonus: you can see Flood talking, and that's always nice ;)