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  1. Photo of Arif Babayev

    Arif Babayev Director

  2. Photo of Elchin Efendiyev

    Elchin Efendiyev Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sahmar Alakbarov

    Sahmar Alakbarov Cast

  4. Photo of Adil İsgandarov

    Adil İsgandarov Cast

  5. Photo of Yusif Valiyev

    Yusif Valiyev Cast

  6. Photo of Hamlet Xanizada

    Hamlet Xanizada Cast

  7. Photo of Amaliya Pənahova

    Amaliya Pənahova Cast

  8. Photo of Akif Maharramov

    Akif Maharramov Cast

  9. Photo of Rasim Balayev

    Rasim Balayev Cast

  10. Photo of Hasan Mammadov

    Hasan Mammadov Cast

  11. Photo of Rafiq Azimov

    Rafiq Azimov Cast

  12. Photo of Alasgar İbrahimov

    Alasgar İbrahimov Cast

  13. Photo of Anvar Hasanov

    Anvar Hasanov Cast

  14. Photo of Dinara Yusifova

    Dinara Yusifova Cast

  15. Photo of Nicat Bakirzada

    Nicat Bakirzada Cast

  16. Photo of Firangiz Abbasova

    Firangiz Abbasova Cast

  17. Photo of Sadıq Hüseynov

    Sadıq Hüseynov Cast

  18. Photo of Muxtar Avşarov

    Muxtar Avşarov Cast

  19. Photo of Gümrah Rahimov

    Gümrah Rahimov Cast

  20. Photo of Sadaqat Zülfüqarova

    Sadaqat Zülfüqarova Cast

  21. Photo of Valeri Karimov

    Valeri Karimov Cinematography and Cast

  22. Photo of Xayyam Mirzazada

    Xayyam Mirzazada Music

  23. Photo of Elbay Rzaquliyev

    Elbay Rzaquliyev Production Design

  24. Photo of Asad Asadov

    Asad Asadov Editing

  25. Photo of Nelli Mahmudova

    Nelli Mahmudova Sound