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  1. Photo of Erwin Keusch

    Erwin Keusch Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bernd Tauber

    Bernd Tauber Cast

  3. Photo of Aurore Clément

    Aurore Clément Cast

  4. Photo of Antonia Reininghaus

    Antonia Reininghaus Cast

  5. Photo of Jürgen Prochnow

    Jürgen Prochnow Cast

  6. Photo of Hans-Michael Rehberg

    Hans-Michael Rehberg Cast

  7. Photo of Werner Kreindl

    Werner Kreindl Cast

  8. Photo of Klaus Fuchs

    Klaus Fuchs Cast

  9. Photo of Claus-Dieter Reents

    Claus-Dieter Reents Cast

  10. Photo of Hans J. Spurkel

    Hans J. Spurkel Cast

  11. Photo of Dietrich Lohmann

    Dietrich Lohmann Cinematography

  12. Photo of Axel Linstädt

    Axel Linstädt Music

  13. Photo of Winfried Hennig

    Winfried Hennig Production Design

  14. Photo of Stefan Hutter

    Stefan Hutter Producer

  15. Photo of Bettina Lewertoff

    Bettina Lewertoff Editing