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  1. Photo of Laís Bodanzky

    Laís Bodanzky Director

  2. Photo of Rui Pires

    Rui Pires Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Caio Gullane

    Caio Gullane Executive Producer and Producer

  4. Photo of Fabiano Gullane

    Fabiano Gullane Producer

  5. Photo of Débora Ivanov

    Débora Ivanov Producer

  6. Photo of Gabriel Lacerda

    Gabriel Lacerda Producer

  7. Photo of Jasmin Pinho

    Jasmin Pinho Producer

  8. Photo of Minom Pinho

    Minom Pinho Producer

  9. Photo of Luiz Bolognesi

    Luiz Bolognesi Screenplay

  10. Photo of Mauro Pinheiro Jr.

    Mauro Pinheiro Jr. Cinematography

  11. Photo of Francisco Miguez

    Francisco Miguez Cast

  12. Photo of Gabriela Rocha

    Gabriela Rocha Cast

  13. Photo of Denise Fraga

    Denise Fraga Cast

  14. Photo of José Carlos Machado

    José Carlos Machado Cast

  15. Photo of Caio Blat

    Caio Blat Cast

  16. Photo of Paulo Vilhena

    Paulo Vilhena Cast

  17. Photo of Fiuk

    Fiuk Cast

  18. Photo of Daniel Rezende

    Daniel Rezende Editing

  19. Photo of Cassio Amarante

    Cassio Amarante Production Design

  20. Photo of BiD

    BiD Music

  21. Photo of Louis Robin

    Louis Robin Sound

  22. Photo of Caia Guimarães

    Caia Guimarães Costume Design