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  1. Photo of Roberto Farias

    Roberto Farias Director

  2. Photo of Mauro Farias

    Mauro Farias Director

  3. Photo of Maurício Farias

    Maurício Farias Director

  4. Photo of Dias Gomes

    Dias Gomes Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ferreira Gullar

    Ferreira Gullar Screenplay

  6. Photo of Marcílio Moraes

    Marcílio Moraes Screenplay

  7. Photo of Miguel Falabella

    Miguel Falabella Cast

  8. Photo of Reginaldo Faria

    Reginaldo Faria Cast

  9. Photo of Patrícia Pillar

    Patrícia Pillar Cast

  10. Photo of Hugo Carvana

    Hugo Carvana Cast

  11. Photo of Zezé Polessa

    Zezé Polessa Cast

  12. Photo of Yara Lins

    Yara Lins Cast

  13. Photo of Ricardo Petráglia

    Ricardo Petráglia Cast

  14. Photo of Maria Gladys

    Maria Gladys Cast

  15. Photo of Chica Xavier

    Chica Xavier Cast

  16. Photo of Milton Gonçalves

    Milton Gonçalves Cast

  17. Photo of Ewerton de Castro

    Ewerton de Castro Cast

  18. Photo of Marieta Severo

    Marieta Severo Cast

  19. Photo of Christiane Torloni

    Christiane Torloni Cast

  20. Photo of Raul Cortez

    Raul Cortez Cast

  21. Photo of Ana Beatriz Nogueira

    Ana Beatriz Nogueira Cast

  22. Photo of Nelson Dantas

    Nelson Dantas Cast

  23. Photo of Marcelo Faria

    Marcelo Faria Cast

  24. Photo of Roberto Bomtempo

    Roberto Bomtempo Cast

  25. Photo of Márcia Cabrita

    Márcia Cabrita Cast

  26. Photo of Tássia Camargo

    Tássia Camargo Cast

  27. Photo of Suely Franco

    Suely Franco Cast

  28. Photo of Patrícia Perrone

    Patrícia Perrone Cast

  29. Photo of João Camargo

    João Camargo Cast

  30. Photo of Domingos de Oliveira

    Domingos de Oliveira Cast

  31. Photo of Rui Resende

    Rui Resende Cast

  32. Photo of Sérgio Mamberti

    Sérgio Mamberti Cast

  33. Photo of Jacyra Sampaio

    Jacyra Sampaio Cast

  34. Photo of Patrícia Naves

    Patrícia Naves Cast

  35. Photo of Guilherme Dias Gomes

    Guilherme Dias Gomes Music