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  1. Photo of José Leitão de Barros

    José Leitão de Barros Director

  2. Photo of Júlio Dinis

    Júlio Dinis Screenplay

  3. Photo of Afonso Correia Leite

    Afonso Correia Leite Music

  4. Photo of Jaime Silva Filho

    Jaime Silva Filho Music

  5. Photo of Armando Leça

    Armando Leça Music

  6. Photo of Heinrich Gärtner

    Heinrich Gärtner Cinematography

  7. Photo of Paulo de Brito Aranha

    Paulo de Brito Aranha Sound

  8. Photo of Joaquim Almada

    Joaquim Almada Cast

  9. Photo of Maria Matos

    Maria Matos Cast

  10. Photo of António Silva

    António Silva Cast

  11. Photo of Leonor d'Eça

    Leonor d'Eça Cast

  12. Photo of Maria Paula

    Maria Paula Cast

  13. Photo of Oliveira Martins

    Oliveira Martins Cast

  14. Photo of Paiva Raposo

    Paiva Raposo Cast

  15. Photo of Lino Ferreira

    Lino Ferreira Cast

  16. Photo of Carlos D'Oliveira

    Carlos D'Oliveira Cast

  17. Photo of Emilia D'Oliveira

    Emilia D'Oliveira Cast

  18. Photo of Costinha

    Costinha Cast