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  1. Photo of Jan Troell

    Jan Troell Director, Editing, Cinematography Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lars Hermann

    Lars Hermann Director

  3. Photo of Jimmy Karlsson

    Jimmy Karlsson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Karl-Erik Olsson-Snogerod

    Karl-Erik Olsson-Snogerod Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jacques Werup

    Jacques Werup Screenplay

  6. Photo of Amanda Ooms

    Amanda Ooms Cast

  7. Photo of Rikard Wolff

    Rikard Wolff Cast

  8. Photo of Björn Granath

    Björn Granath Cast

  9. Photo of Björn Kjellman

    Björn Kjellman Cast

  10. Photo of Stina Ekblad

    Stina Ekblad Cast

  11. Photo of Shanti Roney

    Shanti Roney Cast

  12. Photo of Hans Pålsson

    Hans Pålsson Cast

  13. Photo of Antti Reini

    Antti Reini Cast

  14. Photo of Reine Brynolfsson

    Reine Brynolfsson Cast

  15. Photo of Maria Heiskanen

    Maria Heiskanen Cast

  16. Photo of Ben Becker

    Ben Becker Cast

  17. Photo of Magnus Krepper

    Magnus Krepper Cast

  18. Photo of Mischa Gavrjusjov

    Mischa Gavrjusjov Cinematography

  19. Photo of Magnus Dahlberg

    Magnus Dahlberg Music

  20. Photo of Peter Bävman

    Peter Bävman Production Design

  21. Photo of Kerstin Bonnier

    Kerstin Bonnier Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Erik Crone

    Erik Crone Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Lena Hansson

    Lena Hansson Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Johan Mardell

    Johan Mardell Executive Producer