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  1. Photo of William Dieterle

    William Dieterle Director

  2. Photo of Dietrich von Theobald

    Dietrich von Theobald Producer

  3. Photo of Kurt Heuser

    Kurt Heuser Screenplay

  4. Photo of Heinz Pehlke

    Heinz Pehlke Cinematography

  5. Photo of Hans Söhnker

    Hans Söhnker Cast

  6. Photo of Gitty Djamal

    Gitty Djamal Cast

  7. Photo of Götz George

    Götz George Cast

  8. Photo of Friedrich Domin

    Friedrich Domin Cast

  9. Photo of Christian Wolff

    Christian Wolff Cast

  10. Photo of Berta Drews

    Berta Drews Cast

  11. Photo of Hilde Hildebrand

    Hilde Hildebrand Cast

  12. Photo of Grit Boettcher

    Grit Boettcher Cast

  13. Photo of Ursula Heyer

    Ursula Heyer Cast

  14. Photo of Helga Schlack

    Helga Schlack Cast

  15. Photo of Helga Tölle

    Helga Tölle Cast

  16. Photo of Rainer Brandt

    Rainer Brandt Cast

  17. Photo of Herbert Tiede

    Herbert Tiede Cast

  18. Photo of Carl Otto Bartning

    Carl Otto Bartning Editing

  19. Photo of Siegfried Franz

    Siegfried Franz Music

  20. Photo of Heinz Garbowski

    Heinz Garbowski Sound