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  1. Photo of Elijah Wood

    Elijah Wood Cast

  2. Photo of Edward Burns

    Edward Burns Cast, Director, Producer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rosario Dawson

    Rosario Dawson Cast

  4. Photo of James Handy

    James Handy Cast

  5. Photo of Oliver Platt

    Oliver Platt Cast

  6. Photo of Jimmy Cummings

    Jimmy Cummings Cast

  7. Photo of Pat McCabe

    Pat McCabe Cast

  8. Photo of Teresa Yenque

    Teresa Yenque Cast

  9. Photo of Kathleen Doyle

    Kathleen Doyle Cast

  10. Photo of Michael Leydon Campbell

    Michael Leydon Campbell Cast

  11. Photo of Dara Coleman

    Dara Coleman Cast

  12. Photo of Penny Balfour

    Penny Balfour Cast

  13. Photo of Russell Lee Fine

    Russell Lee Fine Cinematography

  14. Photo of David Shire

    David Shire Music

  15. Photo of The Kinks

    The Kinks Music

  16. Photo of Susan Block

    Susan Block Production Design

  17. Photo of Margot Bridger

    Margot Bridger Producer

  18. Photo of Glen Basner

    Glen Basner Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Caroline Kaplan

    Caroline Kaplan Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Jonathan Sehring

    Jonathan Sehring Executive Producer

  21. Photo of David Greenwald

    David Greenwald Editing