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  1. Photo of Gérard Louvin

    Gérard Louvin Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ekoue Djenou Kouegan

    Ekoue Djenou Kouegan Producer

  3. Photo of Frédéric Sillig

    Frédéric Sillig Producer

  4. Photo of Philippe Souaille

    Philippe Souaille Producer and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Yves Pouliquen

    Yves Pouliquen Cinematography

  6. Photo of James Campbell

    James Campbell Cast

  7. Photo of Jean-Marc Pasquet

    Jean-Marc Pasquet Cast

  8. Photo of Willy Monshengwo

    Willy Monshengwo Cast

  9. Photo of Bamela Nyanta

    Bamela Nyanta Cast

  10. Photo of Gbegnedji Yawavi

    Gbegnedji Yawavi Cast

  11. Photo of Kouvaha Yom

    Kouvaha Yom Cast

  12. Photo of Nimon Taki Lala

    Nimon Taki Lala Cast

  13. Photo of Irene Helbongo

    Irene Helbongo Cast

  14. Photo of Mana Johnson

    Mana Johnson Cast

  15. Photo of Damawuzan Dama

    Damawuzan Dama Cast

  16. Photo of Ahyakpor Koffi

    Ahyakpor Koffi Cast

  17. Photo of Emmanuel Pinda

    Emmanuel Pinda Cast

  18. Photo of Patrice Pottier

    Patrice Pottier Cast

  19. Photo of Bahoumodom Ali

    Bahoumodom Ali Cast

  20. Photo of Sanvee Kokou

    Sanvee Kokou Cast

  21. Photo of Eklu Natey Ablodev

    Eklu Natey Ablodev Cast

  22. Photo of Kougnaglo Yawavi

    Kougnaglo Yawavi Cast

  23. Photo of Dissou Amadou

    Dissou Amadou Cast

  24. Photo of Aklesso

    Aklesso Cast

  25. Photo of Yasse Willelma

    Yasse Willelma Cast

  26. Photo of Alemjrodo Kangni

    Alemjrodo Kangni Cast

  27. Photo of Nimon Toki Bassima

    Nimon Toki Bassima Cast

  28. Photo of Chantal Lawson

    Chantal Lawson Cast

  29. Photo of Sekou

    Sekou Cast

  30. Photo of Gilbert Crozet

    Gilbert Crozet Sound

  31. Photo of Gilbert Hamilton

    Gilbert Hamilton Sound

  32. Photo of Alain Lévy

    Alain Lévy Sound

  33. Photo of Christian Oestreicher

    Christian Oestreicher Sound

  34. Photo of Yves Sarda

    Yves Sarda Sound

  35. Photo of Jacques Thomas-Gérard

    Jacques Thomas-Gérard Sound

  36. Photo of Issa Traoré

    Issa Traoré Sound