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  1. Photo of Ferhan Şensoy

    Ferhan Şensoy Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Derya Baykal

    Derya Baykal Cast

  3. Photo of Münir Özkul

    Münir Özkul Cast

  4. Photo of Cihan Öksüz

    Cihan Öksüz Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ali Çatalbaş

    Ali Çatalbaş Cast

  6. Photo of Bican Günalan

    Bican Günalan Cast

  7. Photo of Canan Yüksek

    Canan Yüksek Cast

  8. Photo of Caner Alkaya

    Caner Alkaya Cast

  9. Photo of Celal Belgil

    Celal Belgil Cast

  10. Photo of Demet Akbağ

    Demet Akbağ Cast

  11. Photo of Erol Günaydın

    Erol Günaydın Cast

  12. Photo of Figen Tosun

    Figen Tosun Cast

  13. Photo of Neslihan Kılıç

    Neslihan Kılıç Cast

  14. Photo of Özkan Aksu

    Özkan Aksu Cast

  15. Photo of Parkan Özturan

    Parkan Özturan Cast

  16. Photo of Rasim Oztekin

    Rasim Oztekin Cast

  17. Photo of Sanem Oktar

    Sanem Oktar Cast

  18. Photo of Serap Günaydın

    Serap Günaydın Cast

  19. Photo of Şükran Dedeman

    Şükran Dedeman Cast

  20. Photo of Şükran Elmalıoğlu

    Şükran Elmalıoğlu Cast

  21. Photo of Yunus Özsomer

    Yunus Özsomer Cast

  22. Photo of Saffet Genç

    Saffet Genç Music and Cast