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  1. Photo of Memduh Ün

    Memduh Ün Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Halit Refiğ

    Halit Refiğ Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ayhan Isik

    Ayhan Isik Cast

  4. Photo of Kuzey Vargın

    Kuzey Vargın Cast

  5. Photo of Turgut Özatay

    Turgut Özatay Cast

  6. Photo of Sevinç Pekin

    Sevinç Pekin Cast

  7. Photo of Sevda Nur

    Sevda Nur Cast

  8. Photo of Mine Soley

    Mine Soley Cast

  9. Photo of Engin Inal

    Engin Inal Cast

  10. Photo of Nusret Ataer

    Nusret Ataer Cast

  11. Photo of Behçet Nacar

    Behçet Nacar Cast

  12. Photo of Enver Dönmez

    Enver Dönmez Cast

  13. Photo of Ismet Erten

    Ismet Erten Cast

  14. Photo of Bilal Inci

    Bilal Inci Cast

  15. Photo of Selahattin Içsel

    Selahattin Içsel Cast

  16. Photo of Muzaffer Yener

    Muzaffer Yener Cast

  17. Photo of Orhan Çoban

    Orhan Çoban Cast

  18. Photo of Hakki Haktan

    Hakki Haktan Cast

  19. Photo of Okan Ataer

    Okan Ataer Cast

  20. Photo of Cahit Engin

    Cahit Engin Cinematography