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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Salma Dahab's rating of the film Asmaa

    I guess the script has a great opportunity to come out with breathtaking movie, which is not happening in this film. Maged El-Kedwany is one of the actors who will make you watch this movie till the end.

  2. khalid's rating of the film Asmaa

    thought provoking film promising idea

  3. danliofer's rating of the film Asmaa

    I liked the movie a lot, just the end could be less sweet. Maybe the real end would be more touching as it happened in real.

  4. Yasser Azmy's rating of the film Asmaa

    Smart moves in the craft and balance between the past and present , thumbs up

  5. waad's rating of the film Asmaa

    There are interestin parts in the film thu as a whole it was nt good...Hend sabri could have done better and maged el kedwany was as good as always...I hated that they portrayed asmaa as if she were a saint and I hate that we had to see her as a victim only....I likd the focus on the so many ways one could get AIDS other than sex...