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Ratings & Reviews

  1. msmichel's rating of the film Assault

    The mistakes of youth and their consequences is the theme in this good short from Kazik Radwanski. That one mistake we can't take back. That one mistake that may follow us for the rest of our lives besides being just a youthful indiscretion. One young man must face the music when he is charged for assaulting a female police officer. First of Radwanski's shorts that would lead to his fine feature debut 'Tower'.

  2. Mighty Quinn's rating of the film Assault

    A serviceable debut indicative of the director's style in future efforts such as his 2008 followup, "Princess Margaret Blvd" which is the more effective film overall when dealing with the protagonist's anxiety over being apart of something out of their control (assault of a police officer in this film, and alzherimers in the other).

  3. Barboza's rating of the film Assault

    Interesting short about stereotyping and dual identities. Though the directors idea of "anxiety" is pretty standard, this film personal and filled with ideas.