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  1. Photo of Gerhard Hahn

    Gerhard Hahn Director

  2. Photo of René Goscinny

    René Goscinny Screenplay

  3. Photo of Albert Uderzo

    Albert Uderzo Screenplay

  4. Photo of Pierre Tchernia

    Pierre Tchernia Screenplay and Cast

  5. Photo of Thomas Platt

    Thomas Platt Screenplay

  6. Photo of Rhett Rooster

    Rhett Rooster Screenplay

  7. Photo of Roger Carel

    Roger Carel Cast

  8. Photo of Pierre Tornade

    Pierre Tornade Cast

  9. Photo of Henri Labussière

    Henri Labussière Cast

  10. Photo of François Chaix

    François Chaix Cast

  11. Photo of Michel Tugot-Doris

    Michel Tugot-Doris Cast

  12. Photo of Jean Dautremay

    Jean Dautremay Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Party

    Robert Party Cast

  14. Photo of Jean-Luc Galmiche

    Jean-Luc Galmiche Cast

  15. Photo of Olivier Jankovic

    Olivier Jankovic Cast

  16. Photo of Nathalie Spitzer

    Nathalie Spitzer Cast

  17. Photo of Yves Pignot

    Yves Pignot Cast

  18. Photo of Claude Chantal

    Claude Chantal Cast

  19. Photo of Joël Zaffarano

    Joël Zaffarano Cast

  20. Photo of Sylvain Lemarie

    Sylvain Lemarie Cast

  21. Photo of Thierry Buisson

    Thierry Buisson Cast

  22. Photo of Phillipe Solier

    Phillipe Solier Cast

  23. Photo of Jean-Philippe Bouton

    Jean-Philippe Bouton Cast

  24. Photo of François Jaubert

    François Jaubert Cast

  25. Photo of Michel Prud'Homme

    Michel Prud'Homme Cast

  26. Photo of Harold Faltermeyer

    Harold Faltermeyer Music

  27. Photo of Jürgen Wohlrabe

    Jürgen Wohlrabe Producer

  28. Photo of Jodie Steinvorth

    Jodie Steinvorth Editing

  29. Photo of Ringo Waldenburger

    Ringo Waldenburger Editing

  30. Photo of Manfred Arbter

    Manfred Arbter Sound

  31. Photo of Jens Busch

    Jens Busch Sound

  32. Photo of Max Hoskins

    Max Hoskins Sound

  33. Photo of Harry Schnitzler

    Harry Schnitzler Sound