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  1. Dalibor's rating of the film At Long Last Love

    Tap dancing about friendship while rhyming its way into something dubbed musical, "At Long Last Love" is on the wrong side of Bogdanovich's taste for Looney Toones comedy. Whimsicality devoid of charm and boring singing about 1940's yuppies being bored, when even the main actors can't help but look obliged to stretch a muscle every so often.

  2. ('s rating of the film At Long Last Love

    This film with its long takes, builds a strange sense of reality, here singing and dancing are aspects of a powerful dramatic structure; And visually speaking, it is a beautiful work with the color of white, a color that is most seen on this film, on clothes and also on the walls.

  3. Matt Reddick's rating of the film At Long Last Love

    Wildly uneven... but I couldn't bring myself to hate it. The pacing seemed to undo it... so many great scenes that needed to end sooner. Love Madeline Kahn!

  4. Laurs Kemp's rating of the film At Long Last Love

    I'm glad people are starting to re-evalutate Bogdanovich's "flops" from the mid/late 1970s. I thought this film, Nickelodeon, and Saint Jack were great! I'm finding the same to be true of a lot of Friedkin's dismissed work, as well. And you know what, I thought Elain May's "Ishtar" wasn't bad either!

  5. MarcH's rating of the film At Long Last Love

    A charming, honest failure...I give them all points for trying. A plot would have been nice, and maybe some editing (far too many numbers).

  6. James R.'s rating of the film At Long Last Love

    I really wanted to like this, hoping it would turn out to be some neglected gem. Was I disappointed! If this kind of splashy Hollywood musical hadn't been dead by 1975, this surely would have killed it off for good. Filled with clumsy comedy, creaky production numbers, and bad singing; all the more appalling compared to delightful films like "Top Hat." Even Madeline Kahn, a bona-fide musical performer, can't save it.

  7. Jaspar Lamar Crabb's rating of the film At Long Last Love

    Almost violently maligned in 1975, this is certainly not as bad as its reputation leads one to believe...B.Reynolds & C.Shepherd are hopelessly miscast, but M.Kahn, J. Hillerman and E. Brennan make this a very entertaining film...with great cinematography by the one & only László Kovács

  8. Jake Mulligan's rating of the film At Long Last Love

    The TV cut that I found was honestly not horrible, even a good film, very much to Fred Astaire what "What's Up, Doc" was to Hawks comedies. Don't see why it earned the lashing, though maybe the most embarrassing moments were deleted.

  9. chanandre's rating of the film At Long Last Love

    [Cinémathèque PT #543: 35 mm] (2007) underwhelming.