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  1. Photo of Franco Piavoli

    Franco Piavoli Director, Producer, Screenplay Cinematography

  2. Photo of Luca Cafiero

    Luca Cafiero Producer

  3. Photo of Primo Gaburri

    Primo Gaburri Cast

  4. Photo of Mariella Fabbirs

    Mariella Fabbirs Cast

  5. Photo of Ida Carnevali

    Ida Carnevali Cast

  6. Photo of Alessandra Agosti

    Alessandra Agosti Cast

  7. Photo of Bianca Galeazzi

    Bianca Galeazzi Cast

  8. Photo of Lucky Ben Dele

    Lucky Ben Dele Cast

  9. Photo of Guglielmo Dal Corso

    Guglielmo Dal Corso Cast

  10. Photo of Mario Piavoli

    Mario Piavoli Editing and Music

  11. Photo of Neria Poli

    Neria Poli Production Design