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  1. Photo of Dilip Shankar

    Dilip Shankar Director

  2. Photo of Rajinikanth

    Rajinikanth Cast

  3. Photo of Aamir Khan

    Aamir Khan Cast

  4. Photo of Juhi Chawla

    Juhi Chawla Cast

  5. Photo of Archana Joglekar

    Archana Joglekar Cast

  6. Photo of Kabir Bedi

    Kabir Bedi Cast

  7. Photo of Om Puri

    Om Puri Cast

  8. Photo of Pooja Bedi

    Pooja Bedi Cast

  9. Photo of Ishrat Ali

    Ishrat Ali Cast

  10. Photo of Dalip Tahil

    Dalip Tahil Cast

  11. Photo of Radha Seth

    Radha Seth Cast

  12. Photo of Suhas Joshi

    Suhas Joshi Cast

  13. Photo of Rita Bhaduri

    Rita Bhaduri Cast

  14. Photo of Raza Murad

    Raza Murad Cast

  15. Photo of Goga Kapoor

    Goga Kapoor Cast

  16. Photo of C.S. Dubey

    C.S. Dubey Cast