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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Malt Frisky's rating of the film Atari: Game Over

    More in-depth attention was needed for the company Atari itself. This is more focused to E.T. being the worst video game of all time apparently and not a company that got over confident with it's business decisions by betting with it's bank account. But I remember the whispering of the internet about this being a genuine urban myth that literally had the truth dug up. It's a decent documentary, not overly dramatic.

  2. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Atari: Game Over

    The definitive funeral song for Atari as we get to see it's final resting place and the game that allegedly killed it: E.T. There are interviews with some of the developers and the sentimental nerds from the 1980s and beyond. Nothing really revolutionary comes out of it and it clears the game developer's name from this entire disgrace and scandal (as allegedly Spielberg liked the game!!!!).

  3. Martin De Martin's rating of the film Atari: Game Over

    Quello che sembra essere solo un documentario sugli ultimi giorni della Atari si rivela una squisitissima ed appassionante operazione di recupero, sia delle cassette di ET per VCS sepolte nel deserto di Alamogordo che dell'immagine e della carriera di Howard Scott Warshaw. C'è così tanta nerdosità che quasi ci si commuove e la passione dell'autore sprizza da ogni singolo fotogramma. Più che un film, un atto d'amore.

  4. msmichel's rating of the film Atari: Game Over

    Short feature documentary from screen writer Zak Penn that looks to confirm the mass burial of the Atari E.T. game and its impact on the shuttering of Atari games. Unfortunately its a quest with little suspense and little pay off. Doc starts strong but peters out at the half way mark. For video game geeks only really.

  5. Comadozer's rating of the film Atari: Game Over

    A great myth and a decent redemption story, but a pretty standard approach to documentary making.

  6. Daniel Iván's rating of the film Atari: Game Over

    Emotional portrait of the geek community over 40, and an accurate recount of an era: the first lap into the digital era and into the interactive narratives. So beautiful and with an amazing sense of humor.