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  1. Ruiz Buñuel's rating of the film Atlantis

  2. Jason's rating of the film Atlantis

    Atlantis is a small, uncanny island of unruly cinematic treasures. Little decorously interwoven fragments and idylls. We are looking at Utopia. But perhaps Utopia doesn't look like Utopia. All customs are strange customs. All civilizations are as mortal as their civilians. Ben Russell is one of these artists who travels new places and looks w/ fresh eyes. We need these people. I thought of Herzog's Fata Morgana.

  3. Ark V's rating of the film Atlantis

    This film was a mysterious dive in to the lost continent of Atlantis. Exploding the myths of island life through a series of unique physical performances.

  4. sacajawèale's rating of the film Atlantis

    "Our beliefs in the presence of all our anchestors/ inhibits us utopians from secret acts of dishonesty" sometimes i judje a film from little glimpses of pure beauty: the traditional maltese music (Għana) at the beginning was something that completely filled my heart. "Where nothing is private public issues are serious/ where all things are in common every man is rich."